Streamer Highlighting Details

Thanks for considering a "Binx Dives Deep" member interview!

Below you'll find details of the Binx Dives Deep streamer interview process. Please read through them and let us know if you have any questions.

  • We ask you to stream the interview on your normal YouTube  or Twitch channel.
    • We will feature you on home page.
    • If you're a Twitch to streamer we'll host on our Twitch channel as well.
    • We'll promote the live stream to our Binx members just before going live.
  • The Stream will be all about you.
    • No gameplay or music needed.
    • Camera should be on you, full screen.
    • Disable alerts - We're trying to get as clean video and audio as possible, so please disable visual and audio alerts for follows and other activities during the interview.
    • Ideally have a mod in chat, so you can focus on the interview.
    • We'll have a QA with viewers at end of interview.

Pre-Interview Setup:
  • Interview audio will happen through Discord::
    • Follow this Discord invite:
    • Once you are there, let us know your username and our team will invite you to the "Streamer Interview" voice channel.
  • Record your stream: 
    • We will need your local recording of the stream in order to ensure the highest quality capture.
    • You can use OBS or xSplit to record your stream at the same time you are streaming. Be sure to set recording at "High Quality".
    • We can provide a Dropbox ( or ) link for you to upload your raw footage. We'll just need your Dropbox ( or ) email to send invite to.

The Interview:
  • The interview will consist of some general questions. Our goal is to get a feel for you as a streamer and a person. We'll as questions like:
    • 'How long have you been streaming?',
    • 'What sort of games?',
    • 'What are your goals as a Streamer?'
    • Etc.
  • Viewers that are in chat will be asked to share their questions. Feel free to answer them.
  • Try to include the question in your response. For example:
    • Q: “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream”.
    • A: “My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla!” instead of just “vanilla!”

After the Interview:
  • Our editorial team will work with the raw video and develop a short and entertaining segment.
  • If requested, we’ll provide you with first viewing, before it’s posted.
  • Once ready, our team will post the video on our Binx Dives Deep page, the Binx YouTube, the Binx Facebook page, the Binx Twitter channel and the Binx Twitch channel. With links to your channels within the descriptions.
  • Additionally, we will carry forward a round of promotional posts alerting our Binx community to the new highlight.

If you have any questions for the team, do feel free to email us any time.