China tightens regulations on video-streaming services

The Binx Perspective

Social Video Streaming, of which eSports is an important segment, has never been more popular in China than it is today. Over 300 million people, almost half of the Net users of the country, use streaming apps.

It is a huge movement in a country that might not yet be ready for it. A structural battle is beginning within the streaming community as we speak. One that pits large stream providers against "people-in-the-street" streamers with ready access to cellular devices and services.

It is very much up in the air as to how it will all play out. Well funded institutions ( like The Cyberspace Administration of China ) have easy access to regulatory levers they can pull on corporations that fund some of the most popular video streaming services and they will be pit against the millions of streamers that simply bypass those services. Going direct to the net with the camera-ready phones that the country is awash in today.

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