Spin2Win Chat Games

We’ve developed (and continue to enhance) Spin2Win as a chat game. Running 24/7 on our Twitch channel streaming guests and hosting Binx members all day every day.

Get started quickly by following these steps

About BinxCoins

BinxCoin is our incentive point system. It’s used to:

By playing Spin2Win you can earn BinxCoins and win free Steam keys from our game pool.

How To Collect Keys

 I won the spin how do I collect the game key?

Go to your Inventory ( and redeem your free key!

Details on how to play the chat games within this live stream.

Rules & Disclosures

If you wish to participate in Binx giveaways, you are responsible for reading and ensuring that you understand the applicable rules and any eligibility requirements and are lawfully able to participate in such giveaway in your region and country of residence.

If your region or country of residence does not allow for such giveaway, it is your responsibility to refrain from entering giveaway.

The Basics

  • No purchase is necessary to win.
  • Purchasing of any Binx products or services will not increase one’s chances of winning.
  • All entries and conduct must comply with Binx Community StandardsTerms of Service and entries which don’t comply will be disqualified.
  • Binx is responsible for rules and all aspects of giveaway administration.

Chat Rules

  • Don’t Cuss, Keep it clean.
  • Don't spam bot commands.
  • Don’t share personal information.
  • No racist remarks or discrimination.
  • Don’t Impersonate Binx or member, it’s a bannable offense.
  • No alternate/fake/duplicate accounts.
  • You may only use one account to enter Spin2Win Giveaways. Using alternate accounts is a violation of our rules and will subject your accounts to being banned. Plus it's just not fair to the other players!

General Spin2Win FAQs

How do u become a MOD?

The best way to become a Binx ( or related game ) mod is to jump into the game streams and make yourself known to the mods that you find there.

A good game to start with is Spin2Win:

This game runs 24/7 and all over the world. Served up through YouTubeGaming.

Jump into chat and look for mods by their badges. Reach out to the mod family and they will direct you to the exact steps for joining. Only mods can introduce gamers into the family. So, you will need one of them to take a liking to you and suggest your upgrading.

Hint: When you are in chat, read through the game rules and help newbies with the questions they have as they play. Current mods look for chat gamers who are helping out and that is a neat way to show just how valuable you can be to the mod family 😉

Can I submit Steam game keys to Binx?

At the moment we are not set up to accept game keys from anyone but our service partners.

We have an ever growing gam pool and use the services of our key partners to ensure that all the keys won are of the highest quality. We appreciate members wanting to share quality keys with us too and will be looking to incorporate that ability in the future.

I was thinking am i able to host a spin2win and if so could you help me?

At the moment, Spin2Win is not able to be streamed from member accounts.

Plans are in the works for a 'YourSpin2Win' game to come out later this year (2017), though. This app offering will be designed to be hosted off your personal systems and shared with your followers any time you want.

Binx will supply game keys and account management for the coming offering. Allowing members to use Spin2Win to boost their follower counts with ease.

What can I do with my BinxCoins?

Once you have BinxCoins in your BinxWallet, you can:


How can I earn BinxCoins?

You can earn BinxCoins by:

→ Hangout in Binx Partner streams; they sometimes drop coins.

→ Hangout in Binx Featured and Premium streams.. coins drop every 10 mins.

→ Type !BinxRaid once in Binx Featured and Premium streams.

→ Enter spins in Spin2Win on Binxtv and Binx Partner Twitch channels.

→ Play chat games on Binxtv Twitch channel.

→ Play the CoinBag game each hour on the Binx site.

→ Place games on the Binx Exchange or Raffle.

→ From your inventory, decline a game for BinxCoins.

→ Use your invite link to recruit new Binx members.

→ Use your store referral link and earn on store purchases.

→ Get the most votes on Binx for the month.

→ Be the most active on Discord for the month.

 Donate money to another Binx member.

→ Buy games from the BinxStore.

→ Link your copy of DoodleWHAT?! to your Binx account.


I’ve connected my Steam account, but still have an unverified member account.

Make sure that:

  • Your Steam profile is be set to public.
  • Your Steam account must have at least $25 worth of games in your library in order to complete verification.


I’ve connected my YouTube account, but still get a message to register in Spin2Win chat.

Did you link to the correct YouTube channel?

It’s possible to have multiple channels associated with a YouTube account. When connecting your YouTube account with Binx, you’ll be given an opportunity to select which channel that you wish to link. This must be the same channel that you’re viewing the Spin2Win stream with.

Why does the Spin2Win channel keep changing?

The Spin2Win game is hosted on a streaming server and that connection can sometimes be lost.

When our team is alerted to downtime, we relaunch as fast as we can. Sometimes we are able to relaunch within a short enough time that Youtube does not generate a new link Other times, however, Youtube resets our live stream link and then archives the previous video as an archive.

We encourage you to bookmark the main BinxTV YoutubeGaming live stream tab. Visiting this YoutubeGaming tab will always showcase the most recent live stream of the Spin2Win game.

Note: As streams get archived, likes and dislikes go along with them. So, if you like the stream once and then see it is not updated for you on a new stream, like it again. It helps us in spreading the word and you in sharing the stream with your friends 🙂

What is done about cheating on the Spin2Win game?

There are a few things we do not allow inside the Spin2Win games:

  • Alt ( alternative ) accounts
  • Swearing
  • Bullying
  • Chat advertising ( or sub calls )

Since the games inception we have had issues with people attempting to cheat the game. Mostly through the use of Alt accounts. Alternative accounts that allow a single user to enter a !Spin more than once.

We fight this in two ways right now;

  1. We have an active family of moderators ( "mods" ) that are always in chat and looking for Alt accounts call outs. If you see an account you think might be an account, make a call out to any Mod you see in chat and we will check the user out. You can also email us <[email protected]> with the time you saw the Alt and their username. Our team will check logs and look into the account.
  2. Accounts that were created since the launch date of Spin2Win are not allowed to enter !Spin's at the moment.

We are working on ways to handle cheaters in the games. Some in secret and some you will see as the service updates rollout. But, bottom line, we depend on community call outs more than anything else. So, if you see anyone being uncool, let us know and we will deal with it for you 🙂

How can I be a moderator in Spin2Win?

Spin2Win moderators are chosen from amongst the moderator ranks. So, the best way to become a moderator is to make yourself known within the game chat. Be present for a collection of spins and make your wishes known to the moderators that you run into.

The moderators will be looking for people who are helping other players with their questions, introducing new players to the chat games and just keeping an eye on everyone staying civil and nice to each other.

The existing moderators pay attention to community members who step up and help out during spins. So, being a good community member is a great start.

How can I earn BinxCoins @ Spin2Win

You need to meet three requirements in order to earn BinxCoins with every Spin2Win spin:

  1. Be a Binx community member,
  2. Connect your Youtube account,
  3. Verify your Binx member account ( with Steam or Binx ).

Once met, you are earning BinxCoins with each and every spin or chat game round!

Be sure to maximize your winnings by linking all your social accounts through your Binx member settings page.