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Binx Stream Assist enhances your entire streaming experience. Running alongside your game, this desktop application delivers chat, tweets, scheduling, polls, DJ controls & much more!

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The perfect companion tool to your stream broadcasting apps like OBS and Xsplit. They stream it and we help do the rest.

Giveaway Promotions

Present and promote your stream giveaways with one click of your mouse. News of your giveaway is delivered to for additional social channel spidering and reach.

Overlay Library

Easily add, search, swap and manage standard overlays as well as any custom overlay you have designed ( or purchased ) with ease.

eMote Library

A growing list of animated emotes that can be searched, added and linked to any collection of hotkey options you desire or automated to follower actions.

In-Game Polling

Design and deliver interactive polls that present on top of your gameplay and collect follower selections through chat input. Display votes and record to your account.


Easily set time and place events that you can share in-game with your viewers. Setting open the options for streamers to share upcoming streams, giveaways, etc.

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Interactive Chat

Speak directly to your followers through a focused BSA screen. Set audio alerts for new joins and message prompts and a growing collection of rich settings.

Account Overviews

Main screen offering for easy game screen targeting, follower details and chat roll previews. With one-click access to settings & AFK alert.

Donations Web-Links

Growing collection of donation tools/services designed to give easy follower access to showing their support as well as dynamic analytic tools for streamers to manage their revenue numbers.

Realtime Analytics

BSA speaks, in realtime, with your Online member account and delivers up to the minute data which you can use to benefit your stream growth or just for the fun of knowing. Integrated

At launch, Binx Stream Assist begins to share analytic data with your member account for your easy sharing, promotion or validation wishes. Though, not a required connection.

Sponsor Messages

Quickly manage and search through sponsor related imagery. Tie sponsor messages to hot keys. Easily set message details and visuals along with animation options.

Binx Stream Assist FAQs

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