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We invite our Binx members to Subscribe Today to this fantastic new offering.

The Binx team is proud to partner with Alibi Music in offering in this special offering just for our members. A new service that delivers unlimited access to background tracks and white listing on Youtube to all subscribers. Ensuring your stream will not be muted or removed from your social media channels.

Alibi Music + Binx = <3

Binx is dedicated to placing our members first. In Alibi Music, we have found a partner that values their creative community as much as we do ours. Alibi Music delivers dedication, care and quality throughout their business and ensures their artists are cared for like no other label.

Alibi Music has gone to great lengths showcasing their commitment to their creative community. Beginning with amazing curation, profit sharing with composers and an on-going commitment to future growth that made them stand out as the perfect community partner for the BinxAlibi service.

We look forward to a future filled with innovation, creativity and success for us all.

Together we rise.


A specially designed offering for Streamers, by Streamers, delivering:

  • Music for Live Streaming & VODs
  • YouTube White listing for all subscribers
  • Special eSport music collections
  • Constant audio file updates & more!
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Binx.Rocks Twitch and Alibi Music invite you to hangout and enjoy this brand new Twitch channel.

With thousands of tracks to choose from and an ever-growing list of !commands, the Binx.Rocks channel ensures you won’t hear the same song twice for days on end, unless you want to.

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ALIBI shared the works of hundreds of brilliant composers and songwriters. All specializing in their own styles. Each bringing creativity and authenticity. With all tracks produced and mastered exclusively for Alibi subscribers.


The Alibi music library covers nearly all styles and categories including esports, trailers, world, contemporary classical, rock, hip hop, classical, songs, acoustic, pop, soul, orchestral score, underscore, funk, country, folk, electronic, in all moods and from varying eras.

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ALIBI offers fair, flexible, competitive, licensing rates based on the terms and needs of all project scopes. We will always work with you to fit your budget ...

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ALIBI utilizes the talent of hundreds of brilliant composers and songwriters specializing in their own styles, each bringing creativity and authenticity.

  • Over 130,000 audio files
  • Over 100 new album releases / year
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