Powering crowdplay, incentives and chat promotions

Every Binx partner has the power of the BinxBot at their fingertips. Designed to layer into Streamer chat sessions, the BinxBot goes so much deeper and integrates with all Binx incentive services.

Putting the power of ALL BINX services at your command. Share BinxCoins, gift BinxExchange games, promote your own BinxRaffles, manage and run your own Spin2Win giveaways and announce Premium Features!

Verified Streamer Binx members can, also, utilize the BinxBot today. Yet, if you are not a partner, the monthly service cost is 5,000 BinxCoins.

Special Note

You must be at least a Verified Streamer in order to view the 'Streamer Tools' menu pages.

When preparing to take your Premium Feature live, know that it might take a few minutes (possibly up to 30) for the Binx platform to be alerted to a live Twitch.tv stream.

When on the Premium Feature page, you can click the "Check" button to update the live stream setting more quickly.