Partake in the coin of the realm!

The BinxCoin is an incentive-based the digital currency that operates as the basic monetary measure of the Binx Streamer community.

BinxCoins first entered general circulation in late 2016 as a solution to encourage member to member networking and underpin the newly released Spin2Win crowdplay game.

Today the BinxCoins underpins a large collection of Binx tools as well as popular services like the BinxExchange, Streamer Giveaways, the BinxRaffles and the very popular BinxStore.

What can I do with my BinxCoins?

Once you have BinxCoins in your BinxWallet, you can:

How can I maximize my Spin2Win BinxCoin Payouts?

Verified Binx community members earn +20bc with every spin they enter.

To earn more with every spin you can:

For a possible grand total of +60bc with each and every Spin2Win spin!

Important note: If you make any of the above connections outside of, it may take up to 24 hours for the service to recognize your connections and begin granting your extra BinxCoins. If you want a more immediate update, be sure to make all these connections right through your member settings page.

We have a collection of frequently asked BinxCoin questions here and encourage you to ask us about any questions you have that you do not see answered.

How can I earn BinxCoins?

You can earn BinxCoins by:

→ Hangout in Binx Partner streams; they sometimes drop coins.

→ Hangout in Binx Featured and Premium streams.. coins drop every 10 mins.

→ Type !BinxRaid once in Binx Featured and Premium streams.

→ Enter spins in Spin2Win on Binxtv and Binx Partner Twitch channels.

→ Play chat games on Binxtv Twitch channel.

→ Play the CoinBag game each hour on the Binx site.

→ Place games on the Binx Exchange or Raffle.

→ From your inventory, decline a game for BinxCoins.

→ Use your invite link to recruit new Binx members.

→ Use your store referral link and earn on store purchases.

→ Get the most votes on Binx for the month.

→ Be the most active on Discord for the month.

 Donate money to another Binx member.

→ Buy games from the BinxStore.

→ Link your copy of DoodleWHAT?! to your Binx account.