BinxRaids work on YouTube?

Not at the moment.

Currently, only featured Streamers can make use of the BinxRaid service feature.

Of course, this will be changing. As Binx is reaching out to both Youtube and Mixer in order to work towards supporting the feature on all three services in the very near future.

How do I become a featured streamer?

Featured Streamers are chosen by the BinxBot, automatically, each and every hour.

The choice is made at random. When an hour is up, the BinxBot looks at all the members who are streaming live and it makes a selection from everyone it finds.

If a featured Streamer is chosen and goes offline prior to an hour being up, the BinxBot kicks in and selects a new feature. Restarting the countdown to an hour from scratch.

Binx Partners do have a higher chance of feature selection. Just by a little bit. So, if you would like to become a partner, we invite you to tell us a little about yourself here.

• Special note: VODs are not selected for feature.

How to link your account.

1. Login to Binx and click on your username at the top/right of the site.

2. Select ‘Settings’ from the pulldown menu.

3. Select ’’ from the settings menu on the page you are directed to and click the large orange ‘Connect to Twitch’ button. A popup will ask you to authorize your Binx connection and close when complete.

That’s it! The next time you stream with, your Binx member page will present you to your Binx followers.

NOTE: If you want Binx to alert your Facebook and Twitter followers as you go live, make sure to link those accounts on this same settings page too.

What can I do with my BinxCoins?

Once you have BinxCoins in your BinxWallet, you can:


How can I earn BinxCoins?

You can earn BinxCoins by:

→ Hangout in Binx Partner streams; they sometimes drop coins.

→ Hangout in Binx Featured and Premium streams.. coins drop every 10 mins.

→ Type !BinxRaid once in Binx Featured and Premium streams.

→ Enter spins in Spin2Win on Binxtv and Binx Partner Twitch channels.

→ Play chat games on Binxtv Twitch channel.

→ Play the CoinBag game each hour on the Binx site.

→ Place games on the Binx Exchange or Raffle.

→ From your inventory, decline a game for BinxCoins.

→ Use your invite link to recruit new Binx members.

→ Use your store referral link and earn on store purchases.

→ Get the most votes on Binx for the month.

→ Be the most active on Discord for the month.

 Donate money to another Binx member.

→ Buy games from the BinxStore.

→ Link your copy of DoodleWHAT?! to your Binx account.


I’ve connected my Steam account, but still have an unverified member account.

Make sure that:

  • Your Steam profile is be set to public.
  • Your Steam account must have at least $25 worth of games in your library in order to complete verification.


How To Register An Account

Begin by clicking on the 'Login' button found at top/right of the site.

Next, click the 'Register' button you find on the login page.

Fill out the information requested. Be certain to double check your email address.

Click the 'Register' button once more to compete the creation of your Binx account.

That's it!

You will be emailed a confirmation email once you complete the last 'Register' click. If you do not see that email yet, (1) give the site a minute to get it to you or (2) check your email software spam folder.

Click the link you find in that email to confirm your email account.

How To Verify Your Account

1. Click on the 'Verify' button at the top/right of the site.

2. Select either Steam or Binx and follow instructions to completion.

Why? In order to ensure that all gamers are playing fair and not using ALT accounts, we require that new members:

Important: You must be logged in to verify an account AND you must have a verified account before you can receive any BinxCoin awards.