Nothing says loving like a good ol' Raid!

The BinxRaid feature is designed to deliver viewers directly to Binx member Streamers. Boosting follows, encouraging donations and giving Binx featured members new viewers to meet and game for.

Each and every hour, a new Binx member is chosen to be featured, showcased on our home pages and viewers are encouraged to jump to their streams.

Every viewer who stays in the stream will receive 10 BinxCoins every ten minutes.

Every hour, a game will be gifted to a randomly selected viewer from the Binx GamePool.


You can browse a collection of frequently asked questions about BinxRaids here.

If you have a burning question and do not see the answer for it, send us an email or submit a support ticket. We will update the Guru site for you and respond as quickly as possible.

A Twittle Luv

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