Own your destiny!

The Premium Feature Token has been added to the list of gifts you'll receive when donating $10 to Binx (along with random game worth at least $10 retail, BinxCoins, a Donor badge and supporting a great Streamer community).

Collect Your Premium Feature

Grab Giveaways to share or pick up game keys from the BinxStore!

Instant Pickup

If you're a verified streamer you now have a “Streamer Tools” menu added to your main member menu. Simply click on the new menu to redeem your token, select your giveaway, and take prime feature spot on Binx.tv for the next hour.

Donation includes

  • Front page feature of your stream whenever you want it
  • A random game worth at least $10 retail
  • Full integration with Streamer Giveaways feature
  • A Binx Donors badge
  • Opportunity to share any game from your Binx Inventory
  • BinxCoins viewer awards boosted to 25Bc per hour
  • Easy token offering that can be shared with friends or redeemed yourself

Special Note

You must be a Verified Streamer in order to view the 'Streamer Tools' menu pages.

When preparing to take your Premium Feature live, take note that it might take a few minutes (possibly up to 30) for the Binx platform to be alerted to a live Twitch.tv stream. When on the Premium Feature page, you can click the "Check" button to update the live stream setting more quickly.