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Esports industry to grow by 22% annually as US companies continue to invest

- The Binx Perspective -

This is the important bit of the article: "Brand spending on it has also increased rapidly, with the 2017 number standing at $440m - a figure that is expected to almost double to $800m by 2019." We are a little disconcerted with the image they use. It connotes drones and we know Streamer to be anything but drones. Quite the opposite. However, while we hear of investment in the industry dropping WAY off, we see the industry still growing fast. And we know it is because of the Streamer ... the passion and vibrance of the Streamer.

Battle of the e-Legends

- The Binx Perspective - Team Taiwan-Hong-Kong-Macau went up against Team Mainland China and it looked like a squeaker. You can check out the full gameplay here. Article is just a little promo-piece. But, when you scratch beneath it, the tournament looks like it was pretty epic and fun! (more…)
Read more raises $11 million for esports tournament platform

- The Binx Perspective - On first blush, we thought this domain meant something totally different ;) But, on a deeper look, we are loving what we see. The more tools to help Streamers enter the world of business, the better. Binx will be looking at this company for our coming physical events too. Wishing…
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New Doodle What?! Just Around the Corner

- The Binx Perspective - Oh Yes! There is a new Doodle What?! Streamer game just about ready for release. Now supporting Twitch and Youtube streaming as well as BinxCoin integration!! The Binx team could not be happier to welcome the DW?! game to our site and we think you will love this touch of…
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e-Sports: A Boost to Video Gaming

- The Binx Perspective - Well. Yeah. It seems obvious that the game industry would benefit. But, never hurts to reiterate to obvious. All we will point out, to the columnist, is that AP has ruled and it is "esports". Just sayin'. (more…)
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Editorial: They’re Not Yours

- The Binx Perspective - A real interesting editorial piece that deserves a little of your time. It is short. Sweet. Almost reads like it should be put to music. But, the point is concise and the voice can be heard. Loud and clear. (more…)
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League of Legends to get its own esports reality show

- The Binx Perspective - Sure. Reality shows are ruling the world today. So, why not see if one can leapfrog Esports in the same way the UFC was kicked off. Does not seem to be a downside for anyone. Streamers get chance at $10k. Which seems a little low. But, legit overall. (more…)
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