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Binx Reviews Are Coming is growing! We're adding reviews of games to our slate of content for you to enjoy, but we want to make sure that it's clear to all how we'll be grading the latest titles. Please check out the criteria below and shoot us any questions via¬†Twitter and Facebook! Scoring Criteria Binx will be scoring…
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Elgato Stream Deck is an essential gadget for serious game streamers

- The Binx Perspective -

This is less news than it is a product spotlight or callout. The Elgato Stream Deck came across our field of vision and we thought it was so interesting that we wanted to share this MS review of the product with you. Two things leapt out at us; (1) Elgato is not a traditional gaming hardware company and (2) it really does not matter. We are seeing all kinds of companies, products and services jump into the Social Video Streaming world and we consider this a real good thing. Making for a very rich ecosystem.