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Activision Blizzard’s Mike Sepso: Overwatch League will set a new standard for esports

- The Binx Perspective -

Blizzard has been building this league up for some time, set the entry bar real high and is even in the process of crossing into other video media (Netflix) with Overwatch. We think there will be a lot to see here in the new future. And not just for big game teams. Hoping there is a lot of Streamer love they share too. Like with tools and such 😉 😉

Convert Streaming Videos to Audio Files With This App

- The Binx Perspective -

This is a new one. We tend to think that looking upon Binx members, in their streams, is the coolest way to learn about them and share in the streaming experience with them. But, maybe there is something to audio alone that we have not grasped. Tell us what we are missing 😉 Or, is this just a reach of some marketing department?