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How do I type in the section where your telling people about yourself on my page? Every time I try and click in the empty space to type nothing happens

When you are logged in, you should see a "Edit" link on the top/right of the txt area you are talking about. You click on that and it will take you to the 'My Page' portion of your settings. You can also follow this link to get to the same spot:

Once at this settings page, you should be seeing a "Tell us about yourself:" line of text. Just below that should be a text/html editor you can type anything you would like in to. Once complete, you click on the 'Save Description' button at the bottom of the page and you can return to your member page to see the results.

You can do some limited formatting on this settings page too. Or you can place HTML into the field as well. Encase you want to showcase images or code from throughout the web.

What I like to to is keep two tabs ( or windows ) open. One with my member page and the other with this settings page. Then I can make updates in settings, switch to the member page tab, refresh and see the updates right away.

BinxRaids work on YouTube?

Not at the moment.

Currently, only featured Streamers can make use of the BinxRaid service feature.

Of course, this will be changing. As Binx is reaching out to both Youtube and Mixer in order to work towards supporting the feature on all three services in the very near future.

How do u become a MOD?

The best way to become a Binx ( or related game ) mod is to jump into the game streams and make yourself known to the mods that you find there.

A good game to start with is Spin2Win:

This game runs 24/7 and all over the world. Served up through YouTubeGaming.

Jump into chat and look for mods by their badges. Reach out to the mod family and they will direct you to the exact steps for joining. Only mods can introduce gamers into the family. So, you will need one of them to take a liking to you and suggest your upgrading.

Hint: When you are in chat, read through the game rules and help newbies with the questions they have as they play. Current mods look for chat gamers who are helping out and that is a neat way to show just how valuable you can be to the mod family 😉