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Every member gets a private page. Where you can share your Twitch or Youtube streams, request donations and promote your Stream to the world.

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Show the world you are a Streamer that means business by collecting all the Binx badges and display them on your member page.

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Every member is given a personal donation link they can share with viewers, friends and family with the lowest fees of any web service.

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Earn BinxCoins with every Binx crowd play game, transfer and donate BinxCoins to other members or buy game keys throughout the stores.

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Create a cash reserve that you can use to make immediate game key purchases, donate to other members or convert to BinxCoins at will.

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Manage or gift game keys that have been shared with you through any crowdplay games or donate game keys to the Binx raffle for new BinxCoins.

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The BinxRaid feature is designed to deliver viewers directly to Binx member Streamers. Boosting follows, encouraging donations and new viewers.

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Earn 1,000 BinxCoins per entry and an opportunity to win 10,000 BinxCoins! Once a month we’ll pick a winner from all entries from that month.

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Multiplayer gameplay comes to esports. Where a single game can be remotely observed & manipulated by many participants.

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