Binx Membership Questions


Getting to know your Binx Account:

The new portal offers a great deal of new features and services. We welcome new member to our community and invite you to Stream with us!

Other topics that may be of interest to new members might include:

Ask us if you have questions you don't see answers to here.



How do u become a MOD?

The best way to become a Binx ( or related game ) mod is to jump into the game streams and make yourself known to the mods that you find there.

A good game to start with is Spin2Win:

This game runs 24/7 and all over the world. Served up through YouTubeGaming.

Jump into chat and look for mods by their badges. Reach out to the mod family and they will direct you to the exact steps for joining. Only mods can introduce gamers into the family. So, you will need one of them to take a liking to you and suggest your upgrading.

Hint: When you are in chat, read through the game rules and help newbies with the questions they have as they play. Current mods look for chat gamers who are helping out and that is a neat way to show just how valuable you can be to the mod family 😉

How do I become a featured streamer?

Featured Streamers are usually chosen by the site automatically.

But, if you know you are going to be Streaming at a certain time/day, send us an email. Give us a few hours or a days notice and we will try to feature you as soon as we see you go live with your stream 🙂

How do I become more involved within the Binx community?

Regularly streaming and just reaching out to the team is one real good way to stay in touch, for sure.

Another option is to work to become one of the game mods for Spin2Win or DoodleWhat. We keep our family of mods growing and tied into everything we do. And, here soon, we will be sharing a path to Binx partnershipThat might be a neat way for us to get to know you more and share you more throughout the community too.

Can I change the username on my binx account?

At the moment, Binx member names are not editable.

Can I submit Steam game keys to Binx?

At the moment we are not set up to accept game keys from anyone but our service partners.

We have an ever growing gam pool and use the services of our key partners to ensure that all the keys won are of the highest quality. We appreciate members wanting to share quality keys with us too and will be looking to incorporate that ability in the future.

How can I remove/update my email from your weekly newsletters?

Just email our team here and we will see your email is removed from the Binx newsletter.

Once done, we will email you a confirmation of the removal as well.

How can I delete my account?

One does not just 'delete' a Binx account ... 😉

No. Of course, we can help. Send and email to us here and our team will remove your account from circulation as well as see your email removed from our weekly newsletters.

Accounts are never, really, deleted, though. We set them aside and keep your username unique for as long as we are able. So, should you wish to return, reach out to our team again and we will do our best to renew account access.

Is there an age limit to be a Binx member?

We do not have an age limit to be a Binx member.

The streaming services we work with might. You will want to check with them to be sure your streams can be linked given your age. Yet, we do not share anything age-non-appropriate on the sites we manage or through the apps we support. So, you can consider us a 'family friendly' service for all ages 🙂

Migrating old member accounts to the new Binx site

The new member site is no longer using the account services. We have a whole new member account service that allows for easy Twitch and Youtube linking and we invite you to migrate older accounts to the new site by following these few steps:

  1. Register a new member account here.
  2. Confirm your email address by following the link that is emailed to you.
  3. Connect your account and choose to 'Migrate Previous Binx Account'.

That's it.

Following these three steps will allow us to migrate your previous account settings to the new site and bring over all your BinxCoin winnings as well.

Important!! If you choose 'No' when asked to migrate your account, there is no going back. Your previous account preferences and BinxCoin winnings will not be recoverable. Email us if you find yourself with this issue.

I lost my game keys with the new site

Unfortunately, game keys will not have migrated from the old member site to the new one.

If you find that you lost a key when the new member site was launched, email us and we will see if we can be of help.

Can I migrate my BinxCoins and preferences?

The only time you can migrate BinxCoins and account preferences is when you first link your account to

As soon as you request a link with, a window will popup, giving you a 'Yes/No' choice on migrating your old member account information. If you choose 'yes', your data will migrate. If you choose 'no', that information is locked and not accessible anymore.

For security sake, that data is locked to you and to us.