Spin2Win - Chat Games

How do u become a MOD?

The best way to become a Binx ( or related game ) mod is to jump into the game streams and make yourself known to the mods that you find there.

A good game to start with is Spin2Win: https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCuRjaGZRtUXUgdXbhCZoRrQ#tab=1

This game runs 24/7 and all over the world. Served up through YouTubeGaming.

Jump into chat and look for mods by their badges. Reach out to the mod family and they will direct you to the exact steps for joining. Only mods can introduce gamers into the family. So, you will need one of them to take a liking to you and suggest your upgrading.

Hint: When you are in chat, read through the game rules and help newbies with the questions they have as they play. Current mods look for chat gamers who are helping out and that is a neat way to show just how valuable you can be to the mod family 😉

I was thinking am i able to host a spin2win and if so could you help me?

At the moment, Spin2Win is not able to be streamed from member accounts.

Plans are in the works for a 'YourSpin2Win' game to come out later this year (2017), though. This app offering will be designed to be hosted off your personal systems and shared with your followers any time you want.

Binx will supply game keys and account management for the coming offering. Allowing members to use Spin2Win to boost their follower counts with ease.

Chat Game Rules

The Binx team and mods enforce a collection of community rules:

  • Keep it clean.
  • Don't threaten others.
  • Don't solicit subs.
  • If possible, use English in chat.
  • Tip to become mod be regular and helpful in chat we shall pick you when we require more mods.
  • No alternate/fake/duplicate accounts to enter a single spin more than once, it is a violation of our rules and will subject your account to being banned from the channel. Plus it's just not fair to the other players.

How to play Guess !Race 2000?

Jump to Spin2Win, then:

  • Pick a number between 0 and 2000
  • Use command (!race 10 999) (999 is your guess as to what the secret number is)
  • First person to correctly guess the secret number wins the Prize Pot.

How to play !GuessThatWord?

Jump to Spin2Win, then:

  • Type (!wordhint) to see the hint for the word you need to guess.
  • Then use (!word 1 yourguess) (1 is the coin pay to guess the word. It can only be 1)

How to play !RGB game?

Jump to Spin2Win, then:

  • Type (!game-rgb) to start the game.
  • Once started you have 5 minutes before all bets are stopped and the results are shown in chat.
  • Type (!bet-rgb 10 blue) (10 can be any number depending on the coins you have)