Binx Partners

Apply for Partnership

Are You Ready?

Make sure all your social setting have been completed on

Our team will review your social media presence, followers, aspirations, motivations, and determine if this is the right time for Binx Partnership.

Be sure to join our Discord and ask a mod to tag you as "Applied for Binx Partner".

Also join our Binx Streamer Facebook group.

We'll let you know if you're accepted. If you're not accepted right away, don't worry, we periodically review all past requests and as soon as the time is right we'll accept you for partner.

What Comes Next?

We have your application! There is no need to apply more than this once. We don't "reject" applications. We continue to keep your information on our list and re-evaluate your stream regularly as time progresses.

Once your stream has grown and/or demonstrates a regular Binx community commitment, our team will upgrade your membership to partner status.

So if you haven't made partner yet, the best thing to do is be involved with Binx's discord/facebook/twitch channels and make yourself known. Reach out to mods, other Binx members and stream, stream, stream.

We will be watching 🙂