Tips on Becoming a Partner


We don't "reject" applications, we continue to keep applied partners on the list and re-evaluate as time progresses. Once a streamer has grown and/or demonstrated community commitment, they'll eventually make partner. So if you haven't made partner yet, the best thing to do is get involved.

There are many benefits being involved in the community brings, even if not partnered yet.

We will share a collection of TIPS below that might give you a leg up on becoming a Binx partner. Of course, if you feel ready, submit your application today!

Get Involved

Join the Binx Community in BinxTV Twitch channel. You can play chat games, watch guest streamers, and win games and earn BinxCoins. You'll get to know the community, and hopefully have a great time.

  • Chat in Featured streams regularly. It is a key measure of your 'networking prowess'.
  • Join the Binx Discord.
  • Link your Twitch and ask a mod for Twitcher and Applied Partner rolls.
  • Ask to be a Guest Streamer on the BinxTV Twitch channel. Partners that have been a Guest are added to the BinxTV Team for autohosting.
  • Network, learn, promote your stream, and grab token and game drops.
  • Make a suggestion of what you would like to see developed with Binx.
  • Interact with their chat, and get to know the community (you'll win games and earn BinxCoins too!)

Your Twitch Account

There are three Binx links you can promote in your Twitch (Store referral, Donation, Invitation). Two of them will help you make real life money and one will help you make BinxCoins. (an alert will show in your stream chat when people use them.)

  • Store referral link: (use green copy button for your personalized link)You get 10% of any sale that comes from your store link.
  • Donation link:  (use green copy button for your personalized link)People can donate to you through PayPal or BinxCoins.
  • Invitation link:  (use green copy button for your personalized link)You will get 1000 BinxCoins for each new verified Binx member that uses your invitation  link (Binx Partners will get 3000).

Some Streamers have added commands like !binx or !store to their bots with some of their links in them.

For art assets to use with your links, download the Binx Media-Kit:

The Media-Kit has banners for your Binx links and other art assets.

Add BinxTV as one of your listed Twitch Communities (these are the communities found in the same place you edit the name of the game you are streaming).

Feeling ready to become a partner? Apply here