Desktop Apps

Binx apps fall into two categories; (1) Streamer support apps and (2) CrowdPlay games.


Streamer Support Apps

At the core of everything that is Binx is our dedicated to community and gaming. Our indie app building efforts play on these two focus points.

Binx Streamer support apps are designed by our engineering team to aid in the streaming process. Bringing tools and services into a one-stop solution that delivers tools and realtime analytics.

Desktop apps include:


CrowdPlay Games

While crowdplay games are designed to extend the promotional reach of our Streamers and their collection of brands/products.

CrowdPlay games allow stream viewers direct control over the games they are watching. Viewers collaborate, play and interact with the streaming game through chat commands. With the game returning visual results through the video stream and textual results through chat.

Spin2Win is a prime example of what a CrowdPlay game can be. It is, actually, four game in one. !Spin is a visual game of giveaways and collaboration. With viewers needing to work together towards a shared goal. Balloon Pop, !RGB, !Race and !GuessThatWord are all chat-based games. Delivered with the help of the BinxBot AI and designed to keep gameplay at the fingertips of all chat viewers all the time.



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