BinxCoins are the virtual currency of the Binx community. You earn BinxCoins by visiting the Spin2Win game and entering the hourly spins. You can then use those coins to redeem Steam games in our BinxExchange or by playing the collection of Spin2Win chat games!


BinxCoin Growth

With over 30+ million BinxCoins shared, the currency is showing strong growth for the new year. Future markets are planned throughout 2017 that will blow your mind (more on this soon).

Spend your coins today on:

Give It a Try! New spins happening every hour and chat games are live 24/7.


Game Key Giveaway Pool

The Binx Giveaway Pool is a constantly updated collection of Steam game keys the can be won ( or redeemed ) with every Spin2Win spin. The games are broken up into 'Sponsored', 'Premium', 'Not-Too-Shabby' and 'Good'n'Cheap'.

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