Spin2win Chatgames


  • Type (!game-rgb) to start the game
  • Once started you have 5 minutes before all bets are stopped and the results are shown in chat
  • Type (!bet-rgb 10 blue) (10 can be any number depending on the coins you have)

? Guess That Word?

  • Type (!wordhint) to see the hint for the word you need to guess
  • Then use (!word 1 yourguess) (1 is the coin pay to guess the word. It can only be 1)
  • To view list of past Word Game winners and prizes: https://binx.tv/~winners

? Guess Race 2000?

  • Pick a number between 0 and 2000
  • Use command (!race 10 999) (999 is your guess as to what the secret number is)
  • First person to correctly guess the secret number wins the Prize Pot