Streamer Giveaways

Verified Streamers can now giveaway game keys, any time they wish, within their very own streams!

Hold your very own Steam game key giveaways, select how long you want to have the giveaway last, share your personal giveaway overlay and draw from any game keys you have in your Binx Inventory with ease!

Begin Your Giveaways then pair it with a Premium Feature!

If you're a verified streamer you now have a “Streamer Tools” menu added to your main member menu. Simply click on the new menu, select your 'Giveaways' tab, and create your very own giveaway.

Streamer Giveaways highlights include:

  • Your own unique & animated overlay URL for each giveaway
  • Direct integration with your Binx Inventory for easy game selection
  • Ability to launch any time you wish, 24/7
  • Ability to set giveaway length in minutes
  • Ability to set chat notification intervals in minutes
  • Automatically generated Launch tweet shared with every new giveaway
  • FREE promotion of your giveaway on the Binx Streamer Giveaways page

Launch a Giveaway Today! It is FREE!

Special Note : Stream viewers must be Binx verified members to win.

Overlay Note : When using OBS or Xsplit, be sure to use "Browser Source" setting in order to share your personalized and animated giveaway updates over your game stream.

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